Founder. Connector.
Designer & Developer.

currently in
Miami, Florida

I AM That I AM

No, I am not an Ivy League Grad. No, I wasn't born and bred to be an entrepreneur. What I am is someone who has developed a deep understanding of what works on the micro and scaled my methods to work on the macro for some of the largest companies today.

I started in a small town at a local state college to play soccer and well that was about it. I soon realized small town USA, Salisbury MD to be exact, needed a digital facelift. Too many companies were operating in the 21st century with a look that they were built in the 18th.

So I began the long journey of redesigning, envisioning and launching companies built for this century. What started off as just myself going door to door, business to business selling services I would YouTube later that night has developed into a global company with partners that are much more talented than me. I have taken the same transparency and work ethic that worked in Small Town USA and have evolved my model to serve corporate giants in 100+ industries. Always evolving, always growing new partners and always the same mission, to take your vision and transform it into a digital reality.

Grateful to work with clients in 100+ industries

Core Competencies

A little deeper dive into what I offer.

Web3 Blockchain

I operate an end to end solution for all of your blockchain needs. From ICOs to NFT Marketplaces with a full service team developing:

  • NFT Marketplaces & Mint Machines

  • Blockchain Solutions

  • dApp development

  • Smart Contract Creation

  • Smart Contract Auditing

  • Token Creation & ICOs

  • Metaverse creation and P2E Development

Branding, Development, Consulting

10 Years of website design and app development in over 100 industries. From mom and pop shops and non-profits to corporate goliaths.

  • Full Stack Development

  • Algorithmic Trading Development

  • Graphic Design

  • Branding and Identity

  • Logo Creation

  • UX/UI Design

  • Ecommerce

  • App Development

  • Avatar and Character Creation

Strategic Partnerships

I do not work alone, I am not a freelancer, I have strategic relationships and agencies I partner with to make your ideas come to life. I have relationships with some of the largest digital asset escrow companies in the world, to strategic partnerships in global industries.

  • OTC Transactions (BTC, ETH)
  • Algorithmic Trading Developers

  • FinTech & NeuroTech

  • Influencer Networks

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