Did you even leave your bed this morning?

So something bothered you last night, last week, last month and it still eats away at you. So you go to bed at night, wake up in the morning and that same negative energy is with you when you rise.

So you take that with you, it’s on your mind as you go brush your teeth, it’s on your mind as you get ready for work, it’s on your mind on your morning commute, it’s on your mind as you go through your work day, it’s on your mind as you come home from work, it’s on your mind as you get home, it’s on your mind as you go to bed to start the next day. A moment, turned into a matter which kept us feeling in the past.

So let me ask you did you even leave your bed this morning?!

If you are mad about yesterday, how are you supposed to create a better future today? No matter what happens in the day in front of us if we can’t get our mind off the past, our bodies may get out of bed but our mind certainly DOES NOT!

I used to let one little things turn into a lot of things and then id sit there and think about all the things. As soon as I got up, I would reach for my phone, I would check my emails, I would put myself in my past. But I got tired, I did not have the energy to create my future when all I am doing is tying myself down to yesterday. So, I decided to change. Crazy thought alert 🚨 But you can decide to be anyone you want when you rise, you decide how you will take over your day, you decide if you will live with the fear of the past or the faith in the future. But that’s up to you, every morning, every time your eyes open for the day ahead. Will you find a little peace before your day gets in motion? Will you create your space so that you remind yourself you are here today and not anywhere else? How do you get present so you can appreciate what’s in front of you instead of regretting or hating what’s behind you? All q’s I ask me self eh.

For me it’s meditation, it’s deep breathing, it may be screaming in the mirror some I AMs, or writing down 3 things I am grateful. These moments where I take time for me and not for the world allows me  to take time for the world as my best me. We all deserve to meet the best us but we can’t do it if we are still in bed.


to the Brain.